The Work of Learning (GWTW416)

How much time and energy do you spend on learning new subjects and transforming your skills? Do you acquire the exact information you need to know at that moment? Or maybe broaden the scope of what you need to change the future into a new reality? I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to learn in a time where the amount of information is exponentially growing beyond our ability to acknowledge, absorb, and act upon the smallest portion of knowledge. I’m afraid and overwhelmed that I’ll miss a valuable lesson. I am distracted by the distinct difference between education and entertainment. I’m embarrassed by my inability to be effective in every single moment that matters. These emotions reveal just how much work it takes to learn, let alone learning that leads to self-awareness, action, and transformation.

Four ways to approach learning that leads to self-awareness, action, and transformation:

  1. Learning is the work you don’t get paid to do.
  2. Check your motivations as you learn, share, act upon, and solidify that knowledge in your brain.
  3. Continually learn by following the questions as opposed to stopping at THE answer.
  4. Let your lack of comfort guide you as you wrestle with your ignorance, misunderstanding, and impatience.

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