"The Urban Acre Homestead" with Genevieve Flanagan (GWTW501)

I always love hearing unique stories of people living a life drastically different from my own. Genevieve Flanagan is the owner and farmer of The Urban Acre Homestead, a one-acre farm located within the Urban Growth Boundary of Portland, Oregon. Our conversation begins with alpine strawberries and the desire for new ways to experience food. We talk about the narratives and stereotypes of farming, what Genevieve’s days look like as she solves problems and prioritizes her work, the importance of naming farms for the long-term, the challenges of living where you work, and the rhythms of nature and business. She also talks about the impact that the global pandemic has had on farms and the pivots farmers have had to make to survive. Whether you work solely in the digital world or get your hands dirty digging in the dirt, I think there are many lessons for us all to learn from Genevieve.

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