The Lies of Professional Jealousy (GWTW524)

The past few weeks, I’ve been feeling stuck, left out, on the bench, not playing the game at my usual level of proficiency. The feelings were so intense, complex, and thick that I didn’t know where to start unpacking them. As I shared them with my business coach, she said a phrase that reverberated deep within me: “This sounds a lot like professional jealousy. I can so relate to this.” In this episode, I will tell a few stories of how professional jealousy has shaped my career. I’m going to talk about comparing yourself to others and how comparison is the root of professional jealousy. I’ll also share five ways to recognize and work through any jealousy you might be experiencing.

Working through professional jealousy:

  1. Identify and acknowledge it in your life and work
  2. Remove its hold over you by recognizing the decisions you’ve made because of it
  3. Don’t beat yourself up
  4. Shift the energy from what someone else is doing to what you are doing
  5. Recognize that someone might possibly be professionally jealous of you

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