The Individual and the Team (GWTW189)

As creative professionals and entrepreneurs, it can be easy to get into unhealthy habits of doing everything ourselves. With modern systems and software, we can do it all. I know this to be true for myself because I have spent 12 years in this world of self. But lately, I have been slowly realizing that it’s time to build my team. In this episode of Getting Work To Work, I’m going to share how you can move from an individual mindset to a team mentality.

Six ways to expand individual thinking into a team mentality:

  1. Dream beyond your abilities.
  2. Invite people to participate in your vision, no matter the scope or scale of what they can do. Always be building a team.
  3. As Ray Dalio writes about in Principles: “Seek people who are independent thinkers with audacious goals and build an idea meritocracy.”
  4. Beware the collaboration trap. As an independent thinker, I need to go through my process and routines in order to get a handle on the possibilities of what I’m doing.
  5. Use team as a multiplying factor, not trying to recreate what one person can do with a bunch of people sitting around talking.
  6. Don’t run away from being a leader; embrace it, study it, and be yourself.

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