"The Future of Work" with Stephen Warley (GWTW157)

Stephen Warley runs Life Skills That Matter and is on a mission to share why self-employment is the future of work. In this engaging interview, we cover a lot of ground including what entrepreneurship actually is, the importance of self-management and self-awareness, why technology is not the enemy, the fact that self-doubt and fear never go away, and the three types of work we often avoid. I absolutely loved this interview with Stephen and I hope you enjoy it.

Several quotes from this episode:

  • “I am committed with really educating people about what’s happening to work and how you can prepare for that.”
  • “I had to deprogram myself to give myself permission.”
  • “This is not my vision for work, this is just what’s happening. If you want to respond to it, I’d like to tell you some different ways that you can do that.”
  • “I think sometimes Silicon Valley entrepreneurships have hijacked the definition of entrepreneurship.”
  • “You get to call yourself whatever you want, but you have to back it up.”
  • “You’re going to have to manage more of yourself than ever before and you’re going to have to get better at it.”
  • “You can read all that productivity stuff, but don’t think it’s necessarily going to work for you. Setup an experiment. Try it out.”
  • “You are the only constant in this time of uncertainty, so you really have to understand how you work.”
  • “Life skills are the foundation. That is what will give you career resilience, value, and motivation for the long term.”
  • “Nobody’s like this perfect culture fit. I’m a human being. I’m unique.”
  • “Fear’s normal, self-doubt is normal, but I’m now learning how to manage it better and more effectively.”

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