The Full Picture of Reality? (GWTW630)

Today on the podcast, I want to talk about something important to every business: metrics. Specifically, the metrics, numbers, data, whatever you call it, that you chart to give you a glimpse of your business reality. When you work for a giant corporation, there is a wealth of data and statistics at your disposal. When you are a business of one, you still have a lot of metrics available to you, but which ones really matter? It can be hard to say—and depending on who you listen to—you might just pick the wrong one. In today’s episode of Getting Work To Work, I’m exploring a new way to approach metrics as I rebuild my business.

The metrics I choose to measure and monitor my business will never give a full picture of reality.

Five questions to ask yourself as you choose which metrics to measure what matters to you and your business:

  1. What metrics are available to me?
  2. What is the frequency and duration of this metric?
  3. How far can I zoom out to see the shift over a longer period of time?
  4. What area of my business does this metric address?
  5. When analyzing the metric and comparing it to my feelings about how things are going, what do I discover?

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