"The Cycle of Life, Love, and Learning" with David Jon Walker (GWTW423)

Are you a designer who people see, or are you a designer who they hear? A powerful question that today’s guest on Getting Work To Work asked that reflects the depth at which he approaches his life and work. David Jon Walker embraces his duality as an educator and entrepreneur to prepare his students for the world they are going to face outside of school. In this interview, David shares many stories that have shaped his life and purpose to pursue knowledge, broaden his skills, and educate others. He touches on the importance of generational wealth and impact, passion-driven learning, how he has been using the pandemic to self-reflect and self-invest, and the importance of running for a healthy body and fresh mind. He also dives into stories of his past, tracing his love for graphic design to the patterns and textures found in his grandmother’s quilts. Whether you are looking to start a business or want to gain a greater respect for the balance between craft and commerce, this interview is for you.

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