The Curious Nature of Play (GWTW348)

How do you incorporate play into your work, both in the process of creating it and in the finished product? Play is a topic I’ve been thinking about this week as I return from the Bend Design conference, inspired by the conversations I had throughout the event. I intellectually understand why play is so important, but I still don’t take the time to bring it into my life and work. In this episode of Getting Work To Work, I’m going to explore the curious nature of play internally and externally.

Quotes Referenced in this Episode:

From Walking in Wonder: Eternal Wisdom for a Modern World by John O’Donohue and John Quinn:

“All creativity comes out of that spark of opposition where two different things meet” (p. 116).

“There is constant change all the time, and imagination is the most faithful force in helping change and continuity maintain a dialogue with each other” (p. 121).

“May you become the gracious and passionate subject of your own life” (p. 95).

How do you play in work?

How do you play?

How do you play internally?

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