"The Creative Journey" with Carma Baughman (GWTW154)

“…creative people are always having ideas. That’s not the trick. The trick is learning how to capture them without being captured by them, how to display them without exposing too much of yourself, how to move forward while remaining unafraid to also move sideways or backwards.” – Questlove, Creative Quest

In this episode, I talk with Carma Baughman of Get Unstuck at Work about the creative journey she has been on throughout her career as a designer, developer, video producer, educator, and coach. We touch on important topics such as getting unstuck at work, finding career happiness, and living life by our design. After the interview, I share a few thoughts on action and the creative journey, and the different emotional signs that help me know which direction I am moving in.

Six Signs that Help Guide the Direction I’m Moving In:

  1. Passion & Energy
  2. Momentum
  3. Doubt
  4. Curiosity
  5. Play
  6. Burnout

Quotes from Carma Baughman:

“As we take different positions, we find out more about ourselves and what works for us.”

“Give ourselves permission to discover our career journey as we more forward.”

“Also what affects our career journey is not only who we are, but the season of life that we’re in.”

“It takes courage to be different.”

“There’s a comfort in staying with what I know and with what I’ve done over the years.”

“Having people around us that value us is priceless.”

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