The Crap Thresholds (GWTW286)

What is the minimum level of acceptance for your work? Where is the line between crap and good enough? What does excellence look like in your work? Is perfection attainable? These are several questions guiding today’s episode of Getting Work To Work in which I explore the differences between crap at the start of your creative process and the crap at the end. I find that a lot of creative entrepreneurs confuse the two, extending deadlines, avoiding even starting your work, and suffering unnecessarily. I hope by the end of this episode, you’ll have a better understand of your crap thresholds and which ones need to be thrown out and which ones need to be solidified. Special shoutout to my good friend Kyle Shold of Freshwater Bay Creative for brainstorming this topic over lunch today.

Five Ways to Incorporate Crap Thresholds into Your Creative Process:

  1. Work on your mindset!
  2. Be willing to cross the first crap threshold every day. Before you release your work, make sure that it surpasses the second crap threshold.
  3. Don’t be afraid of what people will say; fear succumbing to the crap thresholds.
  4. Find a community that can help you and you can help them.
  5. Constantly redefine your crap thresholds by lowering the first and raising the second.

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