The Blank Page (GWTW176)

The creative journey can be a struggle. You know you need to produce something, but instead you just stare at your canvas, your document, your sketchbook, your code, your scene, and you’re paralyzed by the limitless possibilities or the absence of ideas. You allow yourself to be overrun by distractions, hoping that the hit of adrenaline and the rush of the noise will prompt something, anything, to fill the page before you. You flood your mind with the anecdotes of professionals who tell you all that you need to know about creativity. You seek inspiration of people a little further ahead of you in hopes that something will get triggered in your mind, but instead imposter syndrome sets in and you do everything you can without doing anything at all. This to me is what the blank page symbolizes and in this episode of Getting Work To Work, I want to talk about the blank page, and the distractions, anecdotes, and inspiration that keep me from filling that page.

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