The Awkward Middle (GWTW375)

In all of the excitement and positivity surrounding a brand new year and decade, I found myself sick, tired, and frustrated. As I spent time reflecting on the journey to today, I realized something important: I’m mid-career, middle aged, second act, middle of the story. It’s awkward as hell as I struggle with the transition from venerated youth to wise elder. I know I’m not alone in this reality, so how do you push through the awkward middle? I’m going to explore that question and more in this episode of Getting Work To Work.

Seven Ways to Work Through the Awkward Middle:

  1. Embrace and welcome the person you’ve become.
  2. Uproot distractions, focus killers, and unnecessary comforts; they may help you feel like you’re no longer in the awkward middle, but they ultimately take you away from the true destination.
  3. Help those just starting out.
  4. Seek help for yourself.
  5. Never stop creating.
  6. Find new sources of inspiration that speak to the awkward middle and the journey to the years beyond.
  7. As David Lynch said in his MasterClass: “Find your own way. Find your own voice. Never compromise.”

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