"The Awesome Power of Conversation" with Rob Garrott (GWTW756)

You know you’re in for a powerful conversation when the person describes themself as “a Katamari ball of learning on a journey to build a creative life by creating cool things, building relationships, and helping people. Rob Garrott has been in the world of motion design and education for much of his career. After leaving a job as a Content Manager for LinkedIn Learning, he set out to learn character animation and how to infuse emotion into motion. Our conversation begins with us sharing who taught us how to swear before talking about blogging as a form of therapy, learning how to break free from systems, and returning to his creative self. We talk about identity and the stories we tell ourselves, the difference between learning on the job and studying a subject, being creative on purpose, and why he prefers not to return to a previous version of himself.

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