The Art of Solving Problems (GWTW231)

As a creative entrepreneur, I hear a lot about the importance of solving problems for people. Be a problem solver. Find problems you enjoy working on. Meet people who have the problem you can solve and help them. The more I reflect on this idea of being a problem solver, the more I see the lack in my ability to think this way. In this episode of Getting Work To Work, I’m going to explore five types of problems and how to solve them.

Five Types of Problems and How to Solve them:

  1. Preparation and Anticipation Problems. What’s interesting is that there will never be perfect scenarios. Inevitably something happens. So, if you can, scope out what you can ahead of time. Being prepared is about anticipating what the problems MIGHT be, but again, you don’t know entirely.
  2. In the Moment Problems. When you are in the moment, you are relying upon two things: your ability to notice a problem and the desire to use whatever at your disposal to solve the problem.
  3. Doing the Work Problems. When you are doing your work, problems arise with the perception or even actual quality of the work. In those moments, the problem solving is less about the technical aspects and more about asking questions, listening, and offering solutions.
  4. When Clients Aren’t Satisfied Problems. How do you satisfy clients? I’m sure there is a joke in that question. But when clients aren’t satisfied, you have a few options. Ask questions, see how you can solve the dissatisfaction, focus on solutions. Depending upon who you read, some people think firing people is appropriate, and that very well may be the solution to the problem. But you need to ask questions, a lot of them, to understand what the problem actually is and what solutions will satisfy the expectations.
  5. Identifying Recurring Problems. In all of these scenarios, inevitably you will notice patterns. They may reveal weaknesses in what you do OR they offer a glimpse into struggles that people have.

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