Take Your Own Advice (GWTW761)

Throughout this podcast, I’ve shared a lot of lessons. From the knocks I’ve taken the hard (and stubborn) way to the wisdom gleaned from the many books I devour each year, I’m constantly searching for answers to my questions with the hope that others will benefit from what I am learning as well. Living a creative life is wondrous, wonderful, and a lot of work. It’s tough at times, while at other times, work flows effortlessly. Producing a podcast attempting to capture the emotional energy of creativity with all the peaks and valleys is a challenge, too. Honesty is great, but lump together too many downer episodes, and will people still stick around? There’s always the fear that the audience will leave no matter what happens. So, it’s probably best just to ride the waves and share what I’ve got. And that’s what I’m doing today: I’m taking my own advice, and you should probably take your own advice, too.

Three areas where I’m taking my own advice:

  1. As you increase your skills, make sure to take more creative risks.
  2. Have money issues? Find a way to deal with them before they level you.
  3. Don’t expect ten slides or a perfectly edited reel to have the same impact as following your gut to learn and try new things.

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