Take Time to Celebrate (GWTW689)

It’s a big week here at Getting Work To Work. The 7th anniversary of the podcast is this Friday featuring an interview with one of my heroes. I’m releasing the second episode of the documentary series about a farmer. And, as always, I’m thinking about what’s next. There’s always something to plan, produce, schedule, and promote. Perhaps that’s why I was lying awake last night, avoiding the next wave of production, by obsessing over things already finished. I was replaying moments from the interview earlier in the day. Hoping people will like the video. Wondering what this monologue will be about. My mind was racing. Sound familiar to you? I don’t think I’m alone because a thought occurred to me this morning, echoing my conversation with Mike Brennan: Why am I not taking time to celebrate? Why is celebrating anything so hard, especially when you know that the clock never stops?

Five Things Worthy of Celebration:

  1. Celebrate the unplanned.
  2. Celebrate the moment.
  3. Celebrate the wins and losses.
  4. Celebrate with the rhythms of the year.
  5. Celebrate with a vacation.

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