Stuck in Your Creative Ways (GWTW566)

I love the creative process, especially when it’s fresh and new. The beautiful and frustrating moments of understanding a craft as you develop a repeatable system that transforms raw thoughts and ideas into some finished form. But over time, as you become more skillful in your work, your process becomes internalized and habitual. Before you know it, you’re on autopilot. This episode is for those running their creative lives on autopilot and who need more. It’s not a question of whether you’re stuck in your creative ways. You know you are; you can feel it. It’s simply a matter of how aware you are of the depth and necessity for expanding your creative vision and process.

Three questions to reflect upon as you examine your established creative practices and emerging processes:

  1. How are you stuck in your creative ways?
  2. How do your established creative practices expand or limit what you believe is possible?
  3. How can you approach your creative practices with a beginner’s mind?

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