Striving for Something New (GWTW785)

What are you striving for in your life right now? Fortune and fame? Recognition from your peers, larger budgets, and dream clients? A story that you can turn into a 7-figure business? Peace, quiet, and a purposeful existence? The list of things we can strive for is endless. And yet, our energy and existence is not. We try to turn the dreams of our youth into the reality of our adulthood, hoping that nothing will change. But the older we get, the truth is that everything is constantly changing. Old stories that fueled our youthful striving no longer fit who we are today. Striving itself starts to look and feel differently as we discover a new path, a new story about who we are, what we are capable of, how and who we love, and why our relationship with striving reveals more about who we are becoming than we think.

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  • Midjourney prompt for episode art: searching striving exploring new ideas and identities in the style of dadaism –ar 16:9