Story (and Life) is Change (GWTW476)

What are the stories you tell yourself as you bring your creativity to life through your craft? Are you often chasing the meaning of your life and never satisfied? Do you feel stuck as you take step after step towards the unknown? Inspired by two prolific authors—Eric Maisel and Ursula Le Guin—I’m going to explore the stories we tell internally and to the world and why we aren’t as stuck as often as we think we are. I’m also going to share where to find new stories that open up an entire lifetime of possibilities.

If you find yourself stuck and don’t think your story is changing, first look at the stories you are telling yourself and acting upon.

From there, find people who are living the life you want to live.

Finally, what I love most about having multiple life purposes, I don’t have to constantly go through existential crises when I don’t immediately get my way or what I want to happen doesn’t. Instead, I can simply make choices, follow the meaning, and know that I have an entire life to live and explore.

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