Stop Seeking Perfection (GWTW213)

A common theme of reflection in my life and in the lives of many creative professionals is perfectionism, the idea that there is some level or ideal that we can achieve and must be, in order to “make it.” For me the internal dialog is something like this: “If I’m perfect, then everything will work out. If I’m not perfect, I’ll be fired, called out, belittled, poor, broke…” But the more I push perfection aside and embrace action, everything seems to work out.

Fight Perfection in 5 Ways:

  1. Make the slightest progress.
  2. Forget how you feel, do the work anyway.
  3. Growth is a result of how you respond to conflict and challenges.
  4. Sleep in, take a break, relax.
  5. Break your routine with something new and novel.

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