"Start Within" with Karen Holst & Douglas Ferguson (GWTW429)

What do you do when you see a problem in your organization? Do you wait for someone else to notice and solve it? Do you complain to your co-workers about it or even play the victim explaining why you could never fix it? Or maybe you are a doer and take action to solve the problem? On the show to help you become a doer are Karen Holst and Douglas Ferguson, the co-authors of Start Within: How to Sell Your Idea, Overcome Roadblocks, and Love Your Job. In this conversation, we dive into what it takes to solve problems and bring ideas to life in your organization. Karen and Douglas discuss why they wrote the book, how it’s different, the importance of being disciplined as a way to move forward, the power of provocative questions, what a prototype is and what it is not, and why seeking feedback is a superpower.

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