Something New, Something Scary (GWTW31)

How often as creative professionals do you return to the work of your past because you know it will be “successful”? It can be scary to learn something new, but ultimately rewarding in our growth as creative professionals. In this episode of Getting Work To Work, I talk about the importance of seeking new and scary experiences and share six ways creative professionals can learn something new and expand their comfort levels.

Six Ways You Can Learn Something New and Expand Your Comfort Levels

  1. Follow up every negative “what if” with the opposite “what if” question. Instead of “what if I fail?”, ask “what if I succeed?”.
  2. Remember it takes time and daily practice to get good at something.
  3. Take baby steps in learning. Don’t start out trying to run a marathon if you’ve never walked a single lap before.
  4. Don’t rush to repeat success. Seek to understand.
  5. Nostalgia is safe.
  6. Be in touch with who you are today, not who you were yesterday.

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