Slower Learning (GWTW673)

In the last monologue, I shared how much I need to unplug. This morning, Austin Kleon wrote about a “Slow Learning” project conducted by two European organizations. Curiosity piqued, I downloaded the collaborative book that includes a Bill of Rights, reflections from 19 authors and artists about what slow learning means to them, and experiments for incorporating slow learning into your life. In today’s episode of Getting Work To Work, I’m exploring this idea of slow learning by sharing a few quotes from the project and how I’m incorporating slower learning in my life and work.

Five questions to ask yourself as you seek slower learning in your life and work:

  1. What forces are causing me to speed up in my learning journey?
  2. How do I feel when I am learning fast and when lessons are slower than I desire?
  3. How does my speed of learning and understanding contribute to feeling like an imposter?
  4. Would I be willing to change my work 50 years later?
  5. How do the people around me influence the speed at which I learn?

How I’m incorporating slower learning in my work:

  1. Spend more time in reflection.
  2. Remove artificial deadlines.
  3. Make more time for practice.
  4. Acknowledge where I may be biased, so I can truly listen to what others are saying, question, explore, and unlearn.
  5. Allow the connection between slow learning and the life I desire to be developed and maintained over time.

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