Slow Down and Do Less (GWTW614)

How often do you get ads for proven systems that help you create more content faster? For me, it seems almost daily. A year ago, I would have loved a plan to help me do even more than I was attempting to do. But today, not so much. I want to do less, at a slower rate, so I can do the work that truly matters. In today’s episode of Getting Work To Work, I’m going to explore seven bundles of questions that will help you examine a downshift from fast to slow. It’s not going to be easy, but much like driving the speed limit, you usually get to the same place at the same time as those weaving in and out of traffic.

Seven bundles questions that can help you get started as you downshift from fast to slower.

  1. RESONATE: What are you feeling? What is resonating within your soul?
  2. PROACTIVE: What message do you want to share with your audience? What are you reacting to? Situations? Other people’s content? Ads? Uncertainty? Fear of the unknown? Beauty? Art? Purpose? Meaning? Hope?
  3. RELAXATION: How does rest bring a deeper insight into your life?
  4. FEAR: Will people still be there if I do less? Will they still care? Why does slowing down feel wrong? How can slowing down be a good thing for workaholics?
  5. COMPETITION: How does my current level of production make me feel? Who am I comparing myself to and why?
  6. PRIORITY: What is the most important idea I want to reflect upon and deepen my understanding of? What would happen if I said yes to one thing and no to everything else?
  7. LEGACY: What am I creating not just for today, but for my future?

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