Shut Out the World and Work (GWTW624)

For the next month on Getting Work To Work, I will share several impactful experiences from working in a retail environment. Spending eight hours a day walking on concrete floors, helping customers, and making sure shelves are full, one tends to witness a multitude of experiences, both positive and negative. In today’s monologue, I’m unpacking one of my most valuable learning opportunities: shutting out the world and getting to work. I wouldn’t say I lacked focus before, but I was easily distracted by text messages, email, and social media, not to mention internal worries and concerns. I got a lot done by learning how to shut out the world and focus on the tasks at hand. Now, how to bring that back to my daily work where the temptations are all around?

Seven questions to ponder as you shut out the world and get to work:

  1. How must I show up to do my job?
  2. What notifications are essential to do my job?
  3. How does your environment reinforce the work you must do?
  4. How will you control the distractions that take you away from your work?
  5. Will you be honest with yourself and make necessary changes to your environment and processes?
  6. What do you really want to accomplish in your lifetime?
  7. How does your connection to the internal and external world enable or prohibit the work you need and want to do?

I’d love to know how you shut out the world so that you can get to work. Drop me a line at and let me know what tactics and strategies you use to control your focus. Maybe it’s software or willpower, I’d love to know.

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