"Science: The Infinite Candy Store" with Christopher Reddy (GWTW692)

Today’s guest is curious about everything and often asks, “Why is that, that way?” Throughout his career as a scientist and chemist, Christopher Reddy has found a way to channel his curiosity into action as he studies marine pollution. In this conversation, Chris explains how science actually works over long stretches of time and the role uncertainty plays in the work. We talk about how Star Trek and Carl Sagan’s work inspired his scientific career, effective tools for science communication, the importance of building local relationships, and the profound events that change our lives. Throughout the conversation, we discuss Chris’s book, Science Communication in a Crisis: An Insider’s Guide. Not only is it effective at explaining the why and how of science communication, I believe it is an excellent resource for any creative professional who wants to learn better ways to communicate what they do.

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