Rise of the Independents (GWTW353)

As a creative entrepreneur, how do you think about ownership? I had an experience this weekend that got me thinking about ownership as an independent media producer, the economies of scale and attention related to digital media streaming, the safety and certainty of sameness, and the tendency to conform to algorithms and formulas. In this episode of Getting Work To Work, I’m going to explore what it means for us, as independent media producers, to rise up and start contributing to our communities through a sense of ownership.

Six ways to embrace ownership as a creative entrepreneur:

  1. Sources of inspiration, creation, personal and community economies.
  2. Stories.
  3. Sagas; our body of work.
  4. Systems of production, distribution, connection, and access.
  5. Stores. Physical, digital; make it easy to find you, support you, buy from you.
  6. Spaces for the weirdos, wackos, and wonder-filled people.

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