Relaxing In Who You Are (GWTW295)

I had a mind-altering epiphany on Tuesday: I am at peace with who I am, what I’m doing, and my plan for the future. If I’m to be honest with you, this shocked me because I’ve been chasing this need for peace for as long as I can remember. In 2012, I made several attempts to finally understand myself. I got a master’s degree, started teaching, took several personal development courses, and still didn’t understand or believe that I was on the right path. I didn’t take action. And for the next seven years, I would make a bunch of decisions, both good and bad, that ultimately led me here: relaxing in who I am.

Five Benefits of Relaxing in Who I Am:

  1. Visualization works.
  2. I believe my affirmations.
  3. I don’t fear asking for feedback.
  4. I am not as defensive with critique and feedback.
  5. I have a sense of inner peace.

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