Regaining Your Confidence (GWTW470)

A question I’ve been asking myself a lot this week as I reflect on what I’ve experienced in 2020 is this: What do you do when you feel like you have lost all confidence in your creative abilities? There have been tremendous learning opportunities throughout the year. I have had to overcome my pride and stubbornness by asking for help. Instead of increasing my confidence as I worked through situation after situation, I told myself stories about failure and doubt. And if you are in this same place of doubt and searching to transform negative stories into positive habits, I’m going to share seven ways you can regain your confidence.

Seven ways to regain your confidence when you have none:

  1. Uniqueness is found in action, not in thought.
  2. Unroot the stories that erode your confidence.
  3. Acknowledge the loss.
  4. Embrace new challenges.
  5. Define the next level and step toward it.
  6. Lean on others for support.
  7. Discover your north star.

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