Reassess Your Business (GWTW428)

Over the past three days, all I’ve had enough energy to do is lay in bed and read books. After pushing as hard as I could to avoid thinking about the pandemic, my body finally let me know it’s time to rest and recover. Late last night, my mind turned on with a vengeance and at the forefront of the thoughts were these two complex questions: Is it time to reassess my business? What I sell, to whom I sell, even my entire business model? I don’t think I’m alone in asking these questions. While the answers are complicated, I’m going to share ten ways to think through and work on a plan for the future.

Quotes mentioned in the episode:

From Create and Orchestrate: The Path to Claiming Your Creative Power from an Unlikely Entrepreneur by Marcus Whitney:

“A product is a predictable unit of value.”

“To customers, money is money, and they hate surprises that make them feel they can’t know for sure what they are getting for their money.”

Ten catalysts for change as you reassess your business:

  1. Pandemic: Can you still do what you do at the level you want? How can you respond to the needs of today while creating a new normal?
  2. Values: Do your values still align with what you do?
  3. Dreams: Is what you dream about reflected in your business reality?
  4. Vision: Are you bringing forth the vision of today or are you trying to realize the vision of your youth?
  5. Rejection: What is your rejection communicating to you through reflection?
  6. Connection: What are people coming to you for?
  7. Sharing: Is what you are sharing what you want to do?
  8. Silence: How are you responding to silence? With limiting stories or strategy?
  9. Value: What value can you provide others right now and in the future?
  10. Products: How can you think of your business like a product, even if it’s a service?

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