Re-Animate Dead Dreams (GWTW653)

I love those moments when you give up on something, and in explaining why you gave up, you come up with the spark of an idea, allowing the creative process to begin. I had given up on a second monologue this week. I wanted to focus on preparing for the first film shoot of Getting Work To Work: The Series! and writing a newsletter about creative relationships. I started writing the first sentence explaining why there was only one monologue when the idea struck: How do you re-animate dead dreams? I am a collector of dead dreams and don’t think I’m alone. Some have been gone a long time, and I don’t see them returning from the dead (rockstar, anyone?). But what about the dreams that merely need a bolt of lightning to live again?

Three Shocks for Re-Animating Your Dead Dreams:

Re-Animator Shock No. 1: Imagine the dream coming to life, not the failed attempts that sent it to its grave.

Re-Animator Shock No. 2: Throw away the list of dead dreams; let your heart, mind, and spirit surface what is calling from beyond the grave.

Re-Animator Shock No. 3: Your legacy only lives on in the minds of others, not in the safety and comfort of yours, so get busy bringing these dreams to life.

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