Quick Hits of Inspiration (GWTW787)

What do you do for fun? How does that connect to your own curiosity and search for inspiration? Recently, a coworker asked me what I do for fun and I didn’t like any of my answers. I think I cracked a joke about working all the time, but also said I enjoyed watching movies, listening to music, and watching the Cleveland Guardians. Pretty lame, I know, but it’s also a critical indicator of just how empty my tanks are when it comes to creativity and curiosity. So, in preparation for this episode, I decided to turn on some good music, cue up the latest mini doc from one of my favorite creators, and browse my bookshelves for some quick hits of inspiration. Thankfully, it worked. I’m going to share a few things I explored, but also a few tips if you find yourself in the same position as myself.

Five Things to Do When Curiosity and Inspiration are Running Low:

  1. Don’t panic when you’re empty.
  2. Stop comparing yourself to others and to who you’ve been.
  3. Take time to play and immerse yourself in the search for inspiration. I’m not talking about procrastination or finding the muse, this is all about refilling and resetting your creative spirit.
  4. Explore new ideas, especially when they don’t make sense.
  5. Don’t worry when your inspiration doesn’t form a coherent path forward.

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