Plan for Creativity in Solitude (GWTW705)

No matter how long I pursue my creative ventures, I never stop learning how my brain works, what I still need to understand, and the surprises that show up when I least expect them. July has been full of meetings, video shoots, audio recordings, and ideation. There was so much going on that a critical component of my work took a backseat to the momentum: creativity in solitude. While filling my days away from the computer and around people can be exciting, I need time alone to dream, think, write, and produce. It’s a delicate dance as the introvert within wants to stand in the corner bobbing his head, and the extrovert wants to swing dance with the world. Fortunately, I feel the pressure, opportunity, and desire to figure this out. And, of course, share what I’m learning with you.

Three ways to plan your creative days:

  1. A plan can be a schedule.
  2. A plan can be a list.
  3. A plan can be a commitment.

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