New Ways to Push Yourself (GWTW749)

Welcome to the middle of the dead week! You hanging in there? Full of food and waiting to kick off 2024 with all the energy you can muster? Naturally, I’m thinking about next year while wrapping up this year, just like every other content producer still producing work this week. But I want to give, hopefully, a little bit of a different spin on the “how to level up your 2024” message. I want you to do the work that matters to you, but I also want you to stay true to your convictions, boundaries, and vision. In this episode, I will share ten ways to push yourself a little bit harder and forsake the rules other people have placed on you that keep you stuck in the wrong game.

10 Ways to Push Yourself in 2024 and Beyond:

  1. Work is weird, wonderful, and broken. The rules exist to keep you beholden to “the system” and to continue playing “the game” we are all playing. So, play by the rules you must, but write your own playbook. The best coaches in sports work within the system, yes, but find ways to do the unconventional. It doesn’t make sense, but they win.
  2. Worry less about giving value all the time. We don’t need more free stuff, we need to be challenged on a deeper level. Don’t treat your work like a white elephant gift that goes to the landfill or goodwill.
  3. Business can be the ultimate people pleasing venture, so discover your boundaries and try to not cross them
  4. You are not a metronome or a machine, so pay attention to your mind, body, and spirit for clues to what you need throughout the year, not just in the holiday season.
  5. Get social in ways that honor you and the people you care about. You don’t have to participate in broken systems and perpetuate stereotypes.
  6. Don’t worry about the voices telling you you’re doing too much, they probably aren’t doing enough. Most people, family included will not understand what you are doing, so don’t let them psych you out as you do the hard work.
  7. Stop trying to capture and keep attention. Give your attention to others when it benefits them most.
  8. You don’t need to have an immediate reaction or statement to hot button issues. In fact, you can keep your opinions to yourself on absolutely everything.
  9. Share your dream often and invite others to participate and play in your sandbox.
  10. Build the community you want to be part of and want to see exist in this world. You do this by sharing your dream and inviting others, but also by participating in other people’s dreams.

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