More Than You Need (GWTW508)

A trap I’ve fallen into is only producing the exact amount of creative stuff required of me. No wasted effort. Efficient. I hold tight to it all, pretending every morsel of my creativity is precious. But today, my thoughts are different as I combine inspiration from Jeff Tweedy’s book, How to Write One Song: Loving the Things We Create and How They Love Us Back, with a fertile imagination in the initial stage of a new project. With all this energy and drive, what if I capture every idea possible without worrying about whether it’s correct or not? I’m going to explore this idea and ways to store your unused, rejected, and surplus ideas for future use.

How to curate your archives and creative stockpiles:

  1. Organize your ideas and archives that you can explore them with ease.
  2. Consider the smaller pieces of the work in the larger project: What will you do with the unused, rejected, or unrelated ideas produced on a client project?
  3. Capture the idea and everything surrounding it—emotions, textures, sensations, soundtracks, weather, food—so you can remember its power.
  4. Not every idea is precious, so don’t discount or discard because of perceived imperfections.

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