More Important Than Tech (GWTW682)

My mind is wrestling with how to stay creative and productive as I grow older. Naturally, I think about technology and ensuring I use the latest and greatest cameras and equipment. But as I look at my actual process versus what is idealistic and even fantastical, I realize I’m a few years behind. That’s because there are more important values and ideals in my life and, ultimately, my business. Before you indict me as an anti-technological heretic, I will make my case for what could possibly be more important than the latest and great technology.

Seven things better than technology:

  1. The curiosity to explore.
  2. The ability to converse with anyone.
  3. Muscle memory for when you forget how to do something.
  4. The willingness to take a chance.
  5. DIY (do it yourself) and UWYG (use what you got).
  6. Resilience to see projects through to the end.
  7. An open mind to new possibilities and technologies.

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