Making vs. Creating (GWTW120)

I’ve been thinking all weekend about something John Furniss said last week during episode 119, that he tends to get burnt out when he is just making work and not creating it. It can be easy to worship productivity and the act of shipping our work to the point of losing the soul of our creation and the very reason why we do what we do.

Here are four ways you can think differently about burnout, take sanity breaks, and reconnect with yourself:

  1. Burnout is the result of just simply cranking out work without a connection to a greater purpose.
  2. Working in spite of those burnout feelings can only make them worse.
  3. Take sanity breaks to rediscover and reconnect with yourself and your why.
  4. Reengage with your work when you are ready.

Kristen Ulmer shared in Tribe of Mentors this great quote: “Honor your moods not by forcing a different reality, but by just letting them be.”

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