Make Your Own Rules (GWTW410)

Let me set the stage for what I’m going to talk about in today’s episode of Getting Work To Work. You get an idea for a creative project, let’s say a short documentary about a painter, and you start searching: “How to make a documentary.” You find a list of classes to take, equipment to buy, techniques to try, films to watch, podcast episodes to listen to, and an endless number of lists of what to do and not to do. By the time you’ve gone through this process, you probably haven’t made the documentary, but you’ve sure collected a lot of stuff. Now what? Maybe you go through the process again, but this time you change whatever the creative project is because you’re convinced you aren’t a documentarian, even though you never did anything. What if there was a better way to start creative projects? That’s what I’m going to explore today.

Quotes mentioned in this episode:

From The Source: Open Your Mind, Change Your Life by Dr. Tara Swart: “…creativity is not the traditional view of being good at art or full of new ideas, but it is the ability to shape our own brain by what we expose it to, designing our own future through proactive choice” (p. 179).

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