Lost in Hypothetical Scenarios (GWTW514)

How much time do you spend thinking about hypothetical scenarios, and how will you respond to them? If you’re anything like me, more time than you’d like to admit. After all, you’re proactive and responsible, but there is a fine line between planning and procrastinating. I recently realized that the more time I spend planning for problems that may or may not exist, the less time I spend producing work, improving my craft, and connecting with others. In today’s episode of Getting Work To Work, I’m going to explore several theoretical problems, why they are distractions, and how to keep moving forward.

Eight hypothetical scenarios:

  1. What if a ton of people buy immediately?!?!
  2. What if I really don’t know my why?
  3. What if this project gets too popular? How will this scale?
  4. What if no one supports my project? / What if I fail? / What if I succeed?
  5. What if people hate me or criticize my work? / What if my work isn’t perfect? / What if I’m not perfect?
  6. What is the best way to schedule my day?
  7. What is the best way to make money on your creative projects?
  8. What if I post on social media too much or at the wrong time of day?

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