Longing to Belong (GWTW28)

As a creative professional, I spend a lot of time alone. Over the years, I have built a narrative for my life that says I don’t need to be a part of a community, but deep inside I wrestle with the desire to belong. This deep-seated desire has led me to make some questionable decisions over the years. In this episode of Getting Work To Work, I share my journey of belonging and five ways you can have a greater sense of community.

Five Ways You Can Have a Greater Sense of Belonging

  1. Join trade organizations and groups, not just for networking and support, but also for socializing with others.
  2. Volunteer. Be a part of something greater than yourself.
  3. Avoid drastic changes in your life and work.
  4. Don’t wait for others to initiate you into their community. Find active ways to join by taking initiative.
  5. Get comfortable with yourself and your immediate family.

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