"Live at Bend Design" with Peter Burr & Ivar Zeile (GWTW347)

Are you in pursuit of ideas and work that you haven’t experienced before? This form of curiosity for growth and impact is a theme that defines the work of both Peter Burr and Ivar Zeile. Peter is an artist and master of computer animation who blurs the defining edges between art, animation, and video games with everything he does. Ivar is an art curator, entrepreneur, and supporter of artists who is bringing contemporary art and visual expression into the public space through the annual Supernova Digital Animation festival and his work with Plus Gallery and Denver Digerati.

This interview episode of Getting Work To Work was recorded live on stage at the Bend Design Conference in Bend, Oregon last week. Peter and Ivar touch on the importance of curiosity, touring as an alternate way to distribute work, the merging of animation and contemporary art, the impact of supporting artists, and so much more.

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