"Limitations, Forgiveness & Value" with Christopher Butler (GWTW169)

Christopher Butler is a great person to know and learn from. He is a thinker, designer, writer, podcaster, and the Chief Design Officer at Newfangled. If his name sounds familiar, he was on the show last year and he has returned to talk about a variety of topics including the power of limitations in finding creative solutions, how we need to embrace forgiveness of ourselves and others, the changing nature of stories in our lives, and how treating life as a series of small experiments can lead to greater satisfaction.

Several quotes from this episode:

  • “I’ve noticed with many of my clients they are terrified of specialization because they’re afraid of getting bored in the long run.”
  • “There’s nothing more off-putting to someone who is trying to learn something than jargon because jargon is basically shorthand for people who have already established a shared vocabulary.”
  • “Positioning is being as specific as possible about what you do.”
  • “Nobody’s career or life is static; every day is informed by the day that preceded it.”
  • “Limitations actually promote the most effective creative solutions.”
  • “We must find a way to satisfy the needs of our ego outside of how we get paid.”
  • “Your brain without governance—some sort of discipline and control—is also at danger of being useless.”
  • “I will always be intentional about what information is coming in or things that I might do first thing in the day or other ways I might spend my time.”
  • “Intentionally building relationships can be a major contributor to a well-balanced life.”

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