Life of Forgotten Dreams (GWTW771)

Earlier today, I was writing about the National Geographic docuseries, Photographer, and my lifelong love of photography. This newsletter led me to explore my archives from two trips to Africa in 2008 and Haiti in 2012. Scrolling through thousands of photos, most not very good, I could see something in my work that only the passage of time allowed me to see: the desire to capture and be present with people. In 2008, I could feel the fear, but my creative brain was at work to document what I was experiencing. 2012 was a different story. I was documenting like before, but I was getting closer, physically and emotionally, as I engaged with people. I felt less fear and was more present. And then I came home. I had an adverse reaction to the anti-malarial medication I was taking, and I wanted to die. I didn’t, physically, but part of my creative spirit disappeared over time. And as I look at pictures of me from that time, I realize just how much I miss that young man and his dreams.

Five ways to pay attention to your forgotten dreams and actually start bringing them to life:

  1. Spend time in your creative archives.
  2. Let imposter syndrome be a guide, not a deterrent.
  3. Create a new vision for your future by combining your long forgotten dreams with who you have become.
  4. Be kind to yourself for the decisions and mistakes you’ve made.
  5. Become the mentor you never had for yourself and for others starting out in their career.

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