"Let's Make Delightful Mistakes!" with Sean Schumacher (GWTW696)

I have an important question: How are you making room for laughter in your creative process? Yes, work is serious, but it’s also fun, silly, and straight-up goofy nonsense, at least according to today’s guest. Sean Schumacher is an Assistant Professor of Design at Portland State University, a podcaster, and an all-around nice person who is building community and making design more accessible. In this conversation, we talk about their love for comedy, the journey from artist to designer to design educator, why we shouldn’t fear mistakes, and how to know a project is done and ready to ship. On top of all that, we make room for deep thoughts and belly laughs. Whether you are a design student, creative professional, hardened cynic, or design communicator, Sean’s approach to life and work will hopefully help you open up to delight and wonder.

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