"Let There Be Art...and Rock!" with Luke Preece (GWTW782)

When I first saw Luke Preece’s work on Instagram for Metallica’s 30th anniversary of …And Justice For All, my mind was blown. Since then, I’ve followed his work seeing him continually produce stunning art for bands, video games, and movie studios. His bio says it best: “Luke Preece is a UK-based award winning Illustrator and Art Director. His work combines the visceral power of Heavy Metal iconography and the intricacy of 70s/80s science fiction, presented with a clear, compositionally-led design aesthetic.” In our conversation, we talk about his drive and need to create, how nostalgia fuels his work, and his creative journey from art college to working with iconic bands. We also talk about how imposter syndrome is a good thing, the reality that success takes time, how he works from rough thumbnail to finished product, and finding inspiration from his clients.

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