Let Ideas Evolve (GWTW745)

Last week, I talked about building and curating a library of ideas. Today, I want to talk about a part of ideation that can be frustrating: Letting ideas evolve from one form or medium to another. Earlier in my career, I demanded precision: every idea must become what it was meant to be. A logo, documentary, photo series, blog post, no room for evolution, why? Because my identity was firmly tied to what I did. I wanted to be known for the end product. So, I obsessed over the initial idea to ensure it would result in perfection, which created many problems along the creative journey. I wouldn’t start ideas, half-finished projects littered my thoughts and drives, and what I did finish wasn’t even close to my intentions. Turns out this is normal.

Four Questions to Help Your Ideas Evolve:

  1. What is the idea?
  2. Be honest: What is the reality of you producing this idea as-is?
  3. What is the simplest form of the idea?
  4. What are all the ways you can reimagine this idea?

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