Learning Velocity (GWTW354)

What are you currently learning in your creative pursuits? How fast would you say you are learning what you need to learn in order to begin activating that knowledge in your business? In the book New to Big by David Kidder and Christina Wallace, they write about the importance of learning quickly because “the future looks nothing like the past.” As I consider what it means to learn quickly, I also think about the direction and depth of what it is that I need to understand. It’s not just enough to learn quickly, but learning the right things that makes all the difference.

Quotes Referenced in this Episode:

From New to Big: How Companies Can Create Like Entrepreneurs, Invest Like VCs, and Install a Permanent Operating System for Growth by David Kidder and Christina Wallace:

“The future looks nothing like the past, and relying on old expertise, old data, and old insights will only ensure expensive failure. So instead of sinking large amounts of capital into a select few new ventures…companies need to embrace the power of portfolios—placing dozens of small bets, using the tools of discovery and validation to reveal which ones will be successful…. This is fundamentally about learning velocity, and whoever learns the fastest wins” (p. 8).

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