Learning To Learn (GWTW59)

In this episode of Getting Work To Work, I share a model for learning how to learn. Before you start, you need to establish a system that you are going to use to track your learning journey. From there, you make a list, get started, ask specific questions, apply and practice, and reflect.

  1. Make a list.
    • What do you want to learn?
    • Where can you go to learn it?
    • Who do you know that knows it?
  2. Get Started.
    • Download it, break it, change it, build it, draw it.
    • This process reveals what you need to know and what you don’t know.
    • Add it to your list.
  3. Ask Specific Questions.
    • As you practice, you’ll have questions. Eventually, it will be time to ask them.
  4. Apply and Practice.
  5. Reflect Upon Your Journey.

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