Just Think What More We Could Do (GWTW210)

There’s a part of me that is extremely idealistic, in love with utopian ideals, constantly pondering questions about going beyond the bare minimum: What do you dream of? What impact would you like to make? What will you do after you make ends meet? How will I leave my corner of the world a little better today? These questions are at the heart of today’s episode inspired by a quote from the book, Humans are Underrated by Geoff Colvin: “Just think what more we could do.”

6 Questions to Help You Go Beyond Your Status Quo:

  1. What are you aiming towards?
  2. What are you sharing with others?
  3. What are you learning?
  4. What are you building?
  5. What are you becoming?
  6. How are you thinking about others?

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