Is It Time to Take a Break? (GWTW556)

I begin today’s episode with a rhetorical question: Is it time to take a break? If you’re listening to a podcast called Getting Work To Work, you probably could use an extended break. You’re hard-working, pushing yourself to learn and grow, and creating the future. But when faced with the decision to take time off—or even go to bed—you instead dig in and do more work, all to the detriment of your future self. In this episode, I’m going to explore the fears and anticipations of taking an extended break from your work.

The fears that surface when I consider taking a break:

  1. Fear of not being productive
  2. Fear of letting others down
  3. Fear of being perceived as lazy

The positive anticipations on the other side of fear:

  1. Spending time with my wife
  2. Going to the beach for the day
  3. Uninterrupted time to read deeply and reflect
  4. The unknown: what will unfold, what will be discovered
  5. Joy

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